Pro+Power Gold 15w/40
Mineral Engine Oil
Pro+Power Gold 15w/40 is a high quality multifleet motor oil designed for use in both turbo and non turbocharged petrol and diesel engines. This superior quality motor oil allows for extended drain of up to 60,000 km, subject to engine manufacturers recommendations and may be used in cars, vans, coaches, commercial vehicles and off highway plant and machinery, where this specification of motor oil is required.

O Extended drain capability.
O Exceeds SHPD requirements.
O Maintains a stable viscosity at high temperature.
O Higher viscosity reduces evaporation and oil thickening.
O Suitable for high performance engines including multivalve and direct injection.

Recommended By Pro Power Gold Lubricants For Applications Requiring;

ACEA A3,B4-12
MB 228.1, MB 229.1
VW 501.01, 505.00
PSA B71 2295
MAN 270/271
Volvo VDS-2
Pack Size

1 Ltr
5 Ltr
20 Ltr
199 Ltr
1000 Ltr (Bulk)

Part Number


Pro+Power Gold 15w/40 offers the best of both worlds to mixed fleet operators with a high specification for both petrol and diesel engines, providing versatility whilst at the same time reducing the inventory to perhaps, only one engine oil for a fleet of cars, vans, trucks, off highway plant and machinery.

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