Pro+ Power Gold ATF Dlll
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Suitable for use in the transmissions and hydraulic systems of many road and off highway vehicles including GM, Vauxhall, Opel, Ford, Mrecedes Benz cars trucks and vans. Caterpillar tractors and motorcycle suspension forks where an ATF with this spec is required.

Recommended By Pro Power Gold Lubricants For Applications Requiring;

GM Dexron II,IID, IIE, Dexron III
Ford Mercon V, M2C 202-B
Ford M2C138-CJ, M2C166-H
Mercedes Benz 236.9
Alison C-4
ZF TE-ML 02F,03D,04D,11B,14A,17C
Voith G607
Caterpillar TO-2