Pro+ Power Gold ATF Dll
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Pro Power Gold ATF DII is designed to exceed the requirements of the General Motors DexronŽ IID specification for pre 1992 automatic transmissions in highway and off highway plant and equipment.

Recommended By Pro Power Gold Lubricants For Applications Requiring;

GM Dexron II & IID
GM 6137-M
Chrysler MS-6704A
Ford Mercon, M2C 138-CJ,M2C166-H
Ford M2C924-A, M2C186-A
Mercedes Benz 236.6/7
MAN 339 Type Z1
Suitable for MT75, MTX75 Gearboxes
Allison C4
Caterpillar TO-2
Hydraulic Pump Systems;
Voith, Sperry Vickers, Sunstrand,
& Denison