Pro+Power Gold SHPD 15w/40 E5
A Super High Performance Diesel engine oil suitable for use in many Euro 2 and Euro 3 engines including some of the most severe lubrication requirements demanded by Mercedes-Benz, Cummins and Skania.

Pro+Power Gold SHPD 15w/40 E5  should be considered for inter city or long haul applications for heavy duty commercial trucks and coaches where the motor manufacturer recommends this specification of oil.

Recommended By Pro Power Gold Lubricants For Applications Requiring;
SAE 15w/40. ACEA  E5, E3, B4, B3, A2.  API  SL/CH-4. Mack EO-M+. MAN  M 3275
Volvo VDS-3. Mercedes-Benz  228.3.  Renault RVI, RLD. Cummins  20071/72/76/77.

O Increased SHPD performance
O Superior additive chemistry ensures engine cleanliness
O Reduces the risk of bore polish, engine wear and piston deposits
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25 Ltr
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The Pro+Power Gold range of commercial vehicle engine oils covers more than 90% of on and off- highway applications.

If the specification required by your vehicle is not listed under our Commercial Engine Oil section, please send your enquiry to your local Pro+Power Gold Distributor, we will have a product to meet your requirements.

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